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Issues Facing High Net Worth Couples in Divorce

When a married couple has amassed significant property and assets throughout their years together, the process of dividing property in the event of a divorce can quickly become highly complex. If you are involved in a high net worth divorce, or if you are contemplating divorce, you should consult with an attorney who has an advanced understanding of such complexities.

At Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, in Fort Lauderdale, our divorce attorneys offer decades of experience to clients involved in high net worth divorce. We have access to resources, professionals and strategies that can ensure property division is resolved in your favor.

Complex Assets, Valuable Property and Other Considerations

In Florida, marital property undergoes equitable distribution. Various steps are necessary to arrive at a fair division, including asset and debt characterization, which involves identifying separate property and marital property. In some situations, it may be necessary to trace assets, specifically when one spouse is withholding financial information from another spouse.

As more elements are added to property division, more considerations must be made. For example, if the spouses own a family business or have real estate holdings, a careful analysis and valuation will have to be made, along with other actions. For some clients of high net worth, the tax implications of divorce will be of concern.

Our attorneys attend to our clients’ needs with great care and precision. We offer individualized attention, resourceful strategies and decades of experience to safeguard your financial future.

Business Owners, Executives & Professionals

Individuals who own a business or work in leadership often have unique forms of income. This can include stock options and other forms of deferred income, and these can be difficult to value and divide during a divorce.

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At Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, we represent dentists and the spouses of dentists in divorce. We are skilled at handling all aspects of a divorce, from complex custody issues to the division of marital property.

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Doctors & Surgeons

As a doctor, surgeon or other medical professional, you have spent years obtaining the education and experience necessary for your position. As a result of that hard work and effort, you have likely been rewarded with a high income and other benefits. In a divorce, however, assets and income accrued during your marriage can be divided. You may also own your own practice or a share in a business, which is similarly divided in a divorce.

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At Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, we represent lawyers and legal professionals in divorce and other family law matters. As attorneys ourselves, we understand the situation you are facing and can provide you with straightforward legal guidance throughout your case.

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In a divorce, your marital assets and debts will need to be divided, including any ownership interest you have in a business or practice. This occurs regardless of whether you are a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health professional.

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Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professional is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of careers in the real estate industry, including…

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