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Receiving Child Support Through the Department of Revenue

When you receive child support payments through the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR), you can elect to receive that payment in one of two ways. The default option is to receive a debit card from the state that will receive your funds. You can then use that card to make purchases or withdrawals. Alternatively, you can have the money directly deposited into your checking or savings account.

If your child support order requires payment through the DOR, then it is important that you receive your child support payments through that department. That way, you can track when payments have been made and hold the other parent accountable for any nonpayment of child support.

Receiving Child Support Directly

If you and the other parent are not required to pay and receive payments through the DOR, then you will be paid directly by the other parent. In these situations, it is important to keep a written record of payments. That way, if the other parent fails to pay, you have evidence to present in an enforcement action.

What if the Other Parent Does Not Pay?

If the other parent fails to pay the child support required in the court order, the Department of Revenue can take a number of actions, depending on the situation. This includes sending late payment notices, withholding income, suspending the parent’s driver’s license and other methods to encourage payment.

If the other parent continues to withhold child support payments, our attorneys can help you take legal action to enforce payment.