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Dealing With Complicated Issues in a Divorce

Few people go through the divorce process with any particular sense that their own case is especially simple or complex. After all, what’s the basis of comparison? Whether or not one case is more complicated than another, the divorcing spouses will usually consider the dissolution of their marriage to be one of the most intense and challenging experiences they’ve ever gone through.

Nevertheless, an experienced divorce attorney understands how the size of a marital estate or the nature of a child custody issue can make one divorce more complex than another. If you anticipate that the property division or time-sharing issues in your case will require special attention on the part of your legal team, contact Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, in Fort Lauderdale.

Common Issues in a Complex Divorce

With more than 30 years of experience primarily focused on Florida divorce and family law, Robert Moraitis is known for his ability to define, narrow and resolve issues involving the most contentious disputes in divorces. These can feature such complicating factors as:

  • The extent of the marital property to be divided between the spouses
  • Characterization issues involving key assets
  • Concealment, nondisclosure or improper transfer of assets from the marital estate
  • Asset valuation problems, including those involving business assets
  • Property division issues related to executive compensation, including deferred or un-vested interests in bonuses or stock options
  • Income determination for a self-employed spouse
  • Marital interests in professional practices
  • Marital property division issues affected by prenuptial or post nuptial agreements
  • Issues related to dissipation of the marital estate through infidelity, gambling or drugs
  • Child support or alimony issues in high-income divorce
  • High-conflict custody disputes involving parental fitness issues

In these types of cases, attorney Robert Moraitis works with investigators, financial professionals and forensic experts whenever necessary to establish the facts and develop your case on a difficult property division or parenting issue. His experience with legal analysis and proof of facts on the most contentious divorce problems can help you find a path toward a satisfactory resolution of the dispute through negotiation or litigation.