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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Florida Family Law Disputes

If you can’t work out a disputed family law issue through negotiation, you will probably need to submit it to mediation before a Broward County judge will schedule a hearing on the matter.

Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Robert Moraitis helps clients get the most out of mediation on problems involving property division, time-sharing, alimony and child support.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

The purpose of mediation is not to force you into a settlement that you can’t live with, nor does it declare a winner and a loser on a contested issue. Instead, it’s a facilitated negotiation session with a trained mediator who helps the parties define their issues, identify specific points of agreement and disagreement, and keep the discussion focused on finding a mutually satisfactory solution to a problem that might otherwise head to court.

We show clients how mediation can help them keep control of their divorce case and work toward solutions that are often beyond the authority of the court to grant. We help clients understand the difference between core objectives and secondary goals, so that a concession on something that isn’t really important can open the door toward an essential gain.

On simpler issues, we’ll work with a state-certified mediator from the court panel. On more complex matters that involve high-asset property division problems, we frequently work with a more sophisticated private mediator. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared and ready to take advantage of the chance to settle your case through mediation.

With more than 30 years of family law experience in South Florida, Robert Moraitis also serves as the third-party neutral in private divorce mediation, especially on complex asset distribution issues or high-conflict time-sharing disputes.