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Protecting Your Rights in Marriage and Divorce

As of January 6, 2015, same-sex couples can be legally married in Florida. This has allowed many couples and partners the opportunity to have their relationships formally recognized under the law. This also provides same-sex couples with the same rights and privileges in marriage and divorce as couples of the opposite sex.

At Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP, we are fully committed to helping couples understand and protect their rights under the law. Whether you are a same-sex couple married in Florida or who moved here from out of state, we can provide you with the advice and guidance you need regarding the issues that impact you most.

What Makes Same Sex-Divorce Unique?

Many of the laws that separated same-sex couples from couples of the opposite sex have been found to be unconstitutional. This includes the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as being between individuals of the opposite sex. That section of DOMA was ruled as unconstitutional, so same-sex couples are now able to take advantage of the tax protections and other benefits of marriage under federal law.

As a result of these types of changes to federal law and in other states, the issues facing same-sex couples in divorce are similar to those facing couples of the opposite sex. If you have children, you may need help resolving custody and support issues. Likewise, if you have accumulated assets or debts throughout your marriage, that property will need to be divided in your divorce.

At our firm, we have decades of experience helping couples with all aspects of divorce. We place a particular focus on complex divorce issues, including those facing same-sex couples under the recent changes to Florida law.