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Client Reviews

Robert J. Moraitis, hard working,diligent with a relentless work ethic!

Mr. Moraitis handled my complicated divorce with exceptional professionalism and kept me informed and updated of every detail, every correspondence and encouraged participation in numerous amount of court dates over a period of more than three years, so I would be completely informed in all the processes.I was very satisfied with his complete knowledge of every detail, on every issue because of his extensive years of experience. Mr. Moraitis fees are reasonable and I personally feel that”you get what you pay for”. If you want the job done well and correctly, you need to hire him without hesitation.



If you want to win in family court, hire Moraitis & Raimondi, LLP
Bob & Peter achieved the impossible! I was awarded full & sole legal custody of my child, and most importantly they stopped the child abuse that was being inflicted on my child by the other parent. My case was very complex, it included myriad of false allegations , including false abuse charges , complex financial issues and false allegations, as well an opposing parent that had a serious personality disorder that was causing harm to the child. To add further complexity, there were past attorney issues , including an attorney that failed to submit necessary and promised evidence in a past trial,(which I lost) and failed to expose the other parents personality disorder and mental illness, which was necessary to end the abuse of the child. Despite these hurdles, Bob and Peter analyzed the situation and methodically moved me closer and closer to the end result with each passing month, it took a while (as does any litigation) but their legal expertise and experience with complex cases provided the absolute best possible outcome. Because of Bob and Peter I now have full legal custody, and the other parent was adjudicated for their abuse, found to have a serious personality disorder/mental illness that was of extreme detriment to the child, and found to have lied about their financials. The abuse of my child ended with the judgment. These are all things previous attorney’s, were unable able to achieve. Additionally, because of Bob and Peter expertise, I was awarded financial judgements against the other parent and their attorney for frivolous litigation and attorneys costs. These were again issues the other attorneys were unable to do. If you have a complex family law case, and want the best possible outcome, I absolutely recommend , Bob and Peter.
– Chris
A Professional Lawyer Who Cares

I utilized Mr. Peter Michael Raimondi for estate planning and real estate investments. Peter is an energetic young man with a welcoming style, especially being in the area of Forida he is in. I would recommend Peter to any person who is seriously considering any legal advise in the Southern Florida area.

– Family client

Excellent Adviser & Lawyer

This lawyer actually saved me money. Peter Raimondi is an upstanding attorney in an occupation that breeds sharks. He is a
serious professional with his client’s requirements always first

– Business client



Mr Raimondi has assisted me with contracts, estate planning, business, and real estate. I have only good things to say about this lawyer. Mr Raimondi is a rare find in the legal field. He attempts to solve your issues before he discusses any sort of payment. I have received advise from Mr Raimondi numerous times due to his authentic concern for me as a person. (PERIOD)_. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely Thank You for all you have done Mr Raimondi



Professional who truly cares!

Peter is an expert in family law matters but that distinction does not go far enough to describe his professional work ethic. When I find a lawyer this good, this knowledgeable and who cares so much about his clients I feel compelled to share my experience. Peter immersed himself in our case, taking calls at all hours of the day and showing up at his client’s house on a Saturday morning with urgent papers to be signed. His level of professional dedication is hard to find. I recently had occasion to help a friend in Florida who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. This disease had caused my friend significant financial problems. His inability to work, his signing less- than- advantageous mortgage loans and his difficulty applying for SSI Disability were all significant challenges. We needed a lawyer we trusted and someone who knew the law inside-out. Peter helped in so many ways it is hard to describe. He walked us through the real estate predatory lending issue that is currently with the Florida State Attorney General for resolution. He helped us with a Power of Attorney, Living Will and Designation of a Health Care Surrogate all on short notice. He advised us on issues for applying for SSI, long term health care issues and ultimately on guardianship matters. Through the stressful process Pete was positive, upbeat and confident he could help us meet our objectives. He treated my friend like family and for that act of kindness I will be forever grateful. What a credit to his profession!

– Bill


Advocacy Exemplified

Mr. Raimondi assisted me throughout a difficult child support/relocation issue with my ex wife. He treated me with respect, promptly responding to my questions and always set my expectations for any steps we had to take. I always felt confident in his advice and knowledge of the law as well as the system that enforces it. It is encouraging to find a lawyer who properly represents a father in such proceedings. I will not hesitate to contact him for all future legal concerns I may encounter and recommend him to others in need of legal representation.

– client


Professional, Ethical and Efficient

Recently I went through a divorce. Fortunately, I had the best attorneys. Divorce is nothing to mess around with and you have to have the most experienced and successful attorneys in your corner representing you. Too much is at stake and it is a very emotional process. The courts final ruling will affect the rest of your life, finances and children. Prior to finding an attorney to represent me. I spent a great deal of time doing research to ensure that I found an attorney who had my future, welfare and best interests at heart. I interviewed two judges who spent years hearing divorce cases and asked them a simple question. If you were going to get a divorce, what attorney would you use? Without hesitation they both said Robert Moraitis and Peter Raimondi. Moraitis and Raimondi have over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law issues. When I first met Moraitis and Raimondi, it was evident that they had a very thorough understanding of the legal, financial, practical and emotional implications that I was enduring. To say they put me at ease and assured me that I was in good hands is an understatement. They handled my case and did a stellar job. When I first walked into their law firm, I walked in as a client. I walked out as a friend. Moraitis & Raimondi were professional, ethical and efficient. I was very impressed with the courteous and professional manner in which the way I was treated and the way they handled and settled my case. The costs were extremely reasonable, especially for the work and professionalism I received. I would like to convey my most sincere appreciation to Attorneys Robert Moraitis and Peter Raimondi. They both deserve recognition and they are a credit to their profession and the Florida Bar Association.
– Joe